Managing Storage Drives in RONIN

Managing Storage Drives in RONIN

A storage volume is a durable, block-level storage device that you can attach to a single machine. You can use storage volumes as primary storage for data of any sort, it can be a root volume for an operating system, or data that requires frequent updates, or for throughput-intensive applications. It can also store all your funny cat videos!

Storage volumes can persist independently from the running life of a machine. After a volume is attached to an machine, you can use it like any other physical hard drive.

Managing storage is easy in RONIN, however if you're wondering how to get your data into these newly created storage volumes, check out our Cyberduck SFTP tutorial

Please Note: Volumes have now been renamed to "Drives" in the latest RONIN release but the following process still applies.

Lets get started

To get to the storage modal, navigate to the Machine Summary page.


Select the Settings tab on the machine you want to add / remove storage for, then click MANAGE STORAGE


And below, the Storage Modal!

In this modal, we have two tabs, Attached Volumes and Project Volumes

Attached volumes are, well, volumes that have been attached to a machine. In the below example, this shows a 10 GB SSD root volume attached to a machine called "YOUR-MACHINE"

On the right side are actions - for attached volumes, you can detach a volume from a machine for it to become available in the Project Volumes tab, or you can resize the volume and make it bigger if you run out of storage space. Just make sure you follow the steps here to extend your filesystem afterwards to make use of the additional storage space.

You can also toggle whether you want this volume to be kept when this machine is deleted.

Project Volumes are volumes that exist for this particular project that are currently not being utilised by a machine.

These volumes can be attached to any machine of your choosing.

In the right hand side, we have actions for project volumes as well.

If the volume is a root volume (currently has an operating system on it) you can ATTACH AS ROOT in order to reutilise this operating system on a machine that hasn't got one.

You also have the option to ATTACH as a regular storage volume. Make sure you then follow these blog posts to make that volume available on your Linux or Windows machine.

Note: To attach a blank, raw storage volume, you need to first create one from the Storage Summary screen. You can also view and manage all of your storage volumes from the Storage Summary screen.

You can make the project drive bigger with the RESIZE button:

And finally, you can  DELETE this storage volume from existence.

Deleting a storage volume in RONIN is permanent and irreversable!!!
There are no automatic backups, no reversal of accidental deletion. Make sure you snapshot any volumes that you need to restore.