Managing your Machines in RONIN

The Machine Summary screen is your go-to for everything machine related!

Managing your Machines in RONIN

To get to the machine summary page, click the Machine dropdown to reveal the Machine Summary link.


The Machine Summary screen is your go-to for everything machine related! There's a lot on this page to explain, so it's natural to feel a little overwhelmed when seeing all of this information.


Each machine is represented as a card, and details, costs and actions all sit within these cards.


Let's go through what each section does, starting from the top.

The top part of the card displays your machine name and what operating system it is currently running.

Clicking the refresh icon will update the card with the machine's current status.

When your machine is stopped, clicking the rocket button will start the machine!


And when your machine is running, clicking the stop button will stop your machine.


This is treated as a normal machine shutdown, just like if you were to shut it down yourself.

Below this, three tabs!

Information Tab ()


  • The machine's basic operating information including
    • Machine Address
    • The port open for connecting to the machine
    • The key needed to connect to it
  • The machine type (this example - t2.small)
  • The storage attached to this machine
    • The mount point, where to find this storage (eg /dev/sda1)
    • A flag for whether this is a Root Volume
    • The original operating system for this storage
    • Whether this will be kept or deleted when this machine is terminated
      • This can be toggled with a click - try it!
Cost Tab ()


  • Address costs per month (always $0.00, your gift from RONIN)
  • Machine costs per month (machines that are stopped cost $0.00)
  • Monthly Storage costs and
  • Total costs - a summary of all three!
Settings Tab ()


Lets not forget; the buttons in the top right corner of the screen


  • Advanced - toggles a Simple / Advanced card view.
  • Monthly - toggles a weekly / monthly view of costs in the cost tab.
  • - refreshes all machine cards.
  • - quick help view.

And the red + button at the bottom right of the screen takes you to the create-a-machine

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