Terminating Machines in RONIN

If you no longer require a machine, you can terminate it. Terminating a machine in RONIN is permanent and irreversable!!! There are no do-overs! Be careful!

Terminating Machines in RONIN

If you no longer require a machine, you can remove it from existence completely, or to put it simply, terminate it.

Terminating a machine / cluster in RONIN is permanent and irreversable!!!
There are no automatic backups, no reversal of accidental deletion. You are solely responsible for any machines that exist in the cloud and it is up to you to ensure those things are properly backed up!

Before you terminate a machine / cluster, it might be a good idea to go through this list and ensure you don't delete important information.

Make sure you have considered:

  • Snapshoting any important volumes associated to this machine, in case you need to restore Operating Systems / Data
  • Detaching any storage volumes you wish to keep as project volumes, or clicked the toggles to show Keep on Termination (on the machine summary or the terminate modal - more info below)
  • Packaging this machine - in case you wish to fire up this exact machine again

Ok, so you're really, really sure?! Alright..

Terminating a single machine

To get to the terminate machine modal, navigate to the Machine Summary page.


Select the Settings tab on the machine you want to terminate, then click Terminate Machine


And below, the Terminate Machine Modal!


In the first card, a summary of the machine you are about to terminate


And in the next section, a summary of all the storage devices currently attached to this machine.


Here's your last chance to keep this volume! See the Keep on termination toggle on the right hand side? Switch this on for each volume to keep it when the machine is terminated.

You can also check this on and off by clicking the Delete / Keep on Termination toggle on the machine summary page, shown below


Any volumes that aren't checked to be kept on termination will be automatically deleted with the machine!! Be careful!

And finally, the TERMINATE MACHINE button at the bottom of the modal.

This is THE button! Press this and the machine will be sent to self destruct!


Terminating a cluster

First navigate to the Autoscale cluster page


Click on the settings tab for the cluster to be deleted and click Terminate Cluster


Review the storage that is to be deleted with this cluster, and click Terminate Machine


And then smile! You are an efficient terminator.