When running analyses in the cloud, it's essential that you can monitor your resource usage. Understanding whether your analyses may be hitting resource limits and may perform better on a bigger machine, or aren't utilising all of the resources available and could be run more cost effectively on a smaller machine, is crucial in ensuring your analyses are running as efficiently as possible and making the most of your valuable cloud dollars.

Simple real-time monitoring tools like htop (which already comes preconfigured on every RONIN machine) are great for sporadically checking resource usage. But what about when you want to get a more detailed overview of the compute resources used throughout an entire analysis?

Well, look no further than Netdata.

What is Netdata?

Netdata collects hundreds of metrics from your machine and displays them in beautiful, interactive, easy-to-interpret graphs:

Installing Netdata

Installing Netdata on your RONIN machine is as easy as entering the following command in your machine terminal and following the prompts:

bash <(curl -Ss https://my-netdata.io/kickstart.sh)

Then, to connect to Netdata, ensure your machine is open in Ronin Link, click the "connect to machine" button, enter 19999 in the "link an app" section and click link.

Your fancy new monitoring system should open in a new browser window. Now you can stalk your machine to your heart's content!