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Smart Schedule Help

Are you human? Us too!

One of the real drawbacks to being a human is we have the capacity to forget things, like turning things off when we don't need them.

Smart Schedule remembers for you so your budget doesnt run away while you aren't looking.

Perhaps you work 8 hours a day, and you only need a machine on when you're in the office. Set and forget, and you'll only pay for 8 hours of uptime!

Lets get started

To get to the smart schedule modal, navigate to the Machine Summary page.


Select the Settings tab on the machine you want to snapshot, then click Smart Schedule


And below, the Smart Schedule Modal!


In the top section, we've made it easy for you to schedule a typical 8 hour work day.


If one of these suit you, click the switch of any card and click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. We've selected "The All Business" in this example, meaning this machine will turn on at 9am and turn off at 5pm.

Ronin employees are typically night owls, and choose the 2pm to 10pm uptime
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In the next section, a nice informative graph and cost display to show you just how much money you're saving by scheduling a machine


But maybe it's not cheap enough! Maybe you only need to fire up a machine for an hour a day?

Drag the sliders in the next section to a time you desire! The left green control is when a machine will start, and the right red dot is when the machine will turn off.


But wait! It's still not cheap enough! You don't need this machine on the weekends right?! Remember - work life balance.

In the next section you can schedule the days of the week you want this machine to start.


Once your machine is cheaper than a coffee, don't forget to click the Save Changes button to make it so!

Well done, you just made some significant savings! Now go buy yourself something awesome.