Creating a Machine in RONIN

Creating a machine is easy in RONIN, we take care of all the tricky bits.

Creating a Machine in RONIN

Creating a machine is easy in RONIN, we take care of all the tricky bits.

Lets get started

Step 1 - Select "New Machine" in the sidebar.

New Machine

This will take you to the create machine page.


In the top section of the Software tab, you have a choice from all the latest operating systems.


In the bottom section of the 1. SOFTWARE tab, a list of pre-configured software for a quicker start.


There is also a section where you can choose from your project's pre-configured software, called Packages.


For more on packages - click here

Step 2 - Select an operating system, pre-configured package or a project package.

For this example, we'll pick an Ubuntu machine.


You can now move on to the next tab - 2. ADDRESS.

Step 3 - Give your machine a web address.


Once you stop typing, RONIN will check if this is available, and you will then be able to SELECT this address.

For this example, we are addressing this machine my-machine (imaginative, I know!). When we launch this machine, the full address it will be accessible from is

This will take care of all the networking internally and externally... you're welcome :)

You can also name your machine and give it a description, for extra visibility.


You can now move onto the next tab - 3. MACHINE TYPE

Step 4 - Pick a machine size.

For this example, we will pick Medium size


Don't worry about getting this wrong. It's incredibly easy to change the type of machine later if your needs change.

If you're looking for a particular machine, in the bottom section of the 3. MACHINE TYPE section is the Advanced options. Click on one to expand, and choose from the various types of machines.


Once selected, you can move onto the next tab 4. STORAGE

Step 5. (Optional) - Add additional storage.


Again, RONIN provides you with the most popular choices. For this example, we have chosen "Small" which is 100GB on a Solid State Drive.

You will notice in the Machine Summary card two volumes, the Root Volume, and the 100GB SSD we just added.

The Root Volume is where your Operating System gets installed. You can increase the size of this by clicking the next to the volume shown here.


For more info on storage here

Step 6 - Click the Launch Button!

Once you're happy with your machine selection, select the green launch button on the machine card.

The Launch Machine modal will now appear.

Step 7 - Secure your machine

For Linux based machines, you will need to create a secure key to connect to your machine via SSH.

For Windows based machines, you will be able to set a password for your machine of your choice to connect via RDP.

For this Ubuntu example (Linux Based), we will need to create a secure key.

SSH keys work similar to real world keys, so whoever has a copy of your key has full access to your machine, so be really careful where you store it and who you give it to!

Select the Create tab, name your key and select GENERATE A NEW SSH KEY.

RONIN will download your key to your "Downloads" folder.

You will need this key to connect to your machine, more on that later.


Step 8 - Launch your machine

Your newly created key will be selected and you are now ready to launch your machine! Select the LAUNCH MY MACHINE button.

Hooray!! Your machine is being launched. Click the SHOW ME MY NEW MACHINE button to see your new machine!

It may take a minute or two for your machine to be ready, so hang in there.


Once your machine is up and running, we can now connect to it!

Next Steps

Connecting to your new machine