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Connect Windows / Mac to Object Store with Cyberduck

In our previous article we explained Object Storage, versioning and archiving. Once you have created an object store and generated a key, you can then connect to it!

This article is for Windows and Mac only, for connecting via Linux and the AWS Command Line Interface click this

If you haven't created a store and key already, you'll want to read the [Object Storage](/object-storage/) article on how to do so before returning here

I have an Object Store already, lets get started!

Step 1 - Download Cyberduck and Install

Cyberduck is a great way to sync stuff between your computer and the cloud. We have discussed using Cyberduck before when syncing files to your storage drives

Step 2 - Navigate to the Object Store Summary page

You will want to be on this page for information on how to connect to your store.

Log in to Ronin, select a project, and click Object Store in the left Navigation pane


Step 3 - Click Connect Info

On the Store Card you wish to connect to, click the CONNECT INFO button.


There is some important information here that you'll need to take note. You will also need your secret access key that was generated for you in your Downloads folder.

Step 4 - Launch Cyberduck

Once Cyberduck opens, click the Quick Connect button, click More Options and fill in the fields below


Top Option - Select Amazon S3
Server - Change to the server shown on the Object Store card
Access Key ID - Change to the key shown on the Object Store card
Password - Your password is the Secret Access Key located in your newly generated store file
Path - Under More Options, change to the path shown on the Object Store card

Step 5 - Click Connect!

Once you're connected, create / add files and folders!


Cyberduck will keep things nice and synchronised for you!

Noice, fully synced cloud file storage

I know, pretty straight forward, right?

For more info as to what Cyberduck can do for you, make sure to check out their site here