RONIN Release: Thursday 22nd June 2023

PHP and AWS SDK updated, minor improvements and bug fixes.

RONIN Release: Thursday 22nd June 2023

Webserver Updates

  • PHP Updated
  • AWS SDK Updated

Minor Improvements

  • RONIN Login button is now themed with custom colours to improve visibility.
  • Enabling bucket versioning upon the creation of new buckets can now be set as a global configuration option. Deletion of old versions after X days can also be set.
  • New object storage buckets will now have additional tags that detail the name of the bucket, as well as the user that created the bucket, to assist with financial analysis and auditing.
  • Additional logging of email events added.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where HTML special characters in the "description" and "notes" section of RONIN Packages were encoded in the UI.
  • Some security and functionality improvements following PHP Upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue with encrypted drives within PC 2.1.6.