RONIN Release: Monday 21st December 2020

Close Project Features! Encryption at Rest!

RONIN Release: Monday 21st December 2020


Close a project - Remove all costs associated to a project

  • Once closed, a project will be shutdown forever
  • The budget information will be archived and available for historical reference
  • In the budget management screen, there is a switch to see all closed projects

Encryption at Rest options available at a system level

  • All machines and new storage created can now be encrypted at rest
  • This doesn't include Parallel Cluster drives.. yet!
  • This will need to be requested from your friendly neighbourhood RONIN Admin

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Parallel Cluster will clean up a drive that was detached from the cluster
  • Fixed a bug where c5.metal instances weren't showing as a machine type
  • Better mobile responsiveness for new machine screen
  • Disabling intel tools on unsupported operating systems is now enforced