RONIN Release: Friday 4th March 2022

Improved Blog Features and Website Upgrade!

RONIN Release: Friday 4th March 2022


Improved search feature for

  • We have moved our blog search feature so that it now appears at the top of every page for easier access
  • The search feature is also much improved to provide you with a wider, yet more relevant list of results from our blog based on your search keywords

Added Table of Contents to posts

  • Our blog posts are full of helpful information, and we know that sometimes you may just wish to quickly jump to a particular section of a post. Well, now you can using the Table of Contents that appears just below the feature image at the top of each blog post.

New website released

  • We thought it was about time that we show our website some love and give it a bit of an upgrade. It still has the same RONIN feel that we all know and love but with some new helpful pages including:
  • More information about our products and additional options for your RONIN with beautiful isometric diagrams to help explain the underlying architecture
  • Industry-specific information that describes how RONIN can support users from various sectors and assist with meeting compliance mandates
  • More details surrounding the process of acquiring RONIN from an initial demo and quote right through to user and administrator training
RONIN: Cloud, Simplified.
RONIN is a revolutionary web application that provides a user-friendly solution to self-service cloud computing via an intuitive interface, making the enormous power of AWS accessible to even the most novice users.