RONIN Release: Friday 31st March 2023

Introducing more Object Storage Version Management Options, Welcome Emails, Project Resumed Email Alerts, and the Ability to Automatically update Windows and Amazon Linux AMIs!

RONIN Release: Friday 31st March 2023


Automated AMI updates for Windows/Amazon Linux

  • RONIN Administrators now have the ability to enable automatic updates for Windows or Amazon Linux AMIs in the RONIN Project Catalogue

Object store version deletion and archiving options

  • Added the ability for users to be able to set after how many days non-current versions of files in an Object Storage bucket should be deleted  
  • Added the ability for users to be able to decide whether file versions should also be archived when enabling archiving on an Object Storage bucket

Welcome Emails

  • When new users are added to RONIN via Cognito, a Welcome email will be sent with some helpful links to get started

Project Resumed Email Alerts

  • When a Paused project is resumed by a RONIN Admin, an email alert will be sent to notify users that the project can be accessed again

Bug Fixes

  • Audit logging improvements
  • Performance improvements for New Machine screen
  • Fixed project pause bug from Budget Management screen
  • Warnings are now given to users when stopping a cluster if a cluster package is currently being created in the project to help prevent cluster package bugs
  • Changes to a project's WBS Code or Purchase Order code are now applied retrospectively to all existing resources in the project
  • Upgraded Intel Parallel Studio XE to Intel oneAPI MPI on clusters