As part of the initial set up of RONIN Secure Stream, we can import your existing licence servers. We just need to know the IP address and port that the licence server is listening on.

Download this spreadsheet.

Details of how to populate this spreadsheet are below.

You will see that we need 3 fields per licence server port.

Source IP = your licence servers IP address

Port Number = the port that the licence server is listening on.

Software  = the name of the software. This just helps the humans out if there are any issues.

The spreadsheet will have some validation to help us collect the correct data. If you see a row go red, it means you have already used that port. If the row is orange that means you have not entered a port number.

You will need to make sure all these are cleaned up before handing it back to us to import.

After the initial import if you need to add another licence server you can do so by creating a request here.