RONIN Release: Tuesday 3rd December 2019

HPC Service Catalogue! EFA Enabled Machines! People Admin Screen! Parallel Cluster v2.4.1 and loads more..

RONIN Release: Tuesday 3rd December 2019


New HPC Service Catalogue

  • Administrators can now turn packaged clusters into reusable organisation services!
  • Deleting service catalogue entries is now possible.
  • Deleting Packages / HPC Packages is now possible.

Upgraded to Parallel Cluster v2.4.1

  • Changes, fixes and updates on their Github page.
  • Versioning of Parallel Clusters has been added to clusters.
  • Backwards compatibility for previous clusters and cluster packages included.
  • An upgrade cluster button is coming in a future release :)

Elastic Fabric Adapter is now enabled for certain machine types!

  • Search 'efa' from the machine type page to see which machines are supported.
  • Loads more machine types have been released! Remember to check this page regularly!

New People Admin Screen

  • Manage your active users, see licence details and remove user project access.


  • S3 Restore + SSL Only policy for enhanced security - All buckets created from this day forth will have glacier restore and SSL only policies
  • New Tag Enforcer for more reliable tagging of Cluster Compute Volumes
  • Upgraded RDS Database SSL certs to rds-ca-2019
  • Adding CSV Export buttons to loads of tables
  • Okta integration for ADFS authentication

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent users entering decimals on cluster create screen, extra validation on storage fields
  • Fixing an issue where NFS mounting wasn't working reliably on cluster packages
  • Loads of User Interface improvements and enhancements
  • Fix for Lower admin when creating a project throwing an error
  • Package images weren't showing on HPC Cards