RONIN Release: Monday 8th July 2019

Cluster Packaging, Spack Integration, Cyberduck Profiles!

RONIN Release: Monday 8th July 2019


RONIN now supports HPC Cluster Packaging

  • Bundle up all your configured software and share it within your Project!
  • Clusters now launch with dedicated /apps and /shared directories.
  • Use /apps for installed software and /shared for shared resources or data

Integration of Spack - an open source cluster package manager

  • Spack has close to 4000 HPC packages and handles all dependencies.
  • Spack is configured to install into the /apps directory out of the box
  • All compute nodes will have access to spack installed binaries

Create machine now has a copy to clipboard ssh command feature

  • Also available at the key creation screen on single and cluster machines

Password Reset

  • Now anyone can automatically reset their password.
  • This won't reset two step authentication (upcoming release)

Cyberduck connection profile

  • A file that, when opened, will pre-populate some of the fields in Cyberduck, so you don't have to!


Parallel Cluster upgraded to 2.3.1

  • Fixes and features
  • On packaged clusters, shared and apps directories cannot go below original size

Bug Fixes

  • Adding a picture to your cluster packages now works
  • AWS Cluster root volumes no longer incorrectly show as non root
  • Can no longer package a stopped cluster throwing an error
  • Clusters with storage kept after termination are now being tagged correctly