RONIN Release: Monday 21st June 2021

Read Only keys for Buckets! User Interface Audit Logging for Admins! And a new product called RONIN ISOLATE!

RONIN Release: Monday 21st June 2021


RONIN Isolate

  • RONIN Project Admins will be able to freely give and restrict machines for highly sensitive data in our Object Storage page
  • This adds two levels of authorisation required to access sensitive data - a key and a machine / cluster with access
  • This will need to be requested from your friendly neighbourhood RONIN Admin
  • Read more about RONIN Isolate here

Read Only keys are here!

  • Users with a read only key can now access s3 data without permission to be able to add / modify
  • Existing keys will continue to work as expected

User Interface Audit Logging

  • Every action in RONIN will be collected and stored based on who made the change
  • A s3 Bucket will have a daily generated log with information that can be ingested by third party tools
  • This will need to be requested from your friendly neighbourhood RONIN Admin

Blog updates with Email Subscriptions - yay

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed budget alert emails to be more flexible
  • Fixed a cluster bug that stops `chowning` every cluster compute node that fires up
  • Fixed an issue with ephemeral drive machine types preventing machine reboots

We've also hired two new amazing employees who you will see more of on the blog:

Parice Brandies - a Genomics Bioinformatician from Sydney University, PHD and also genius. And;

Tara Madhyastha - a former AWS representative, Principal Research Scientist, Neuroscientist and also genius.

Our CEO and founder Nathan is also now changing his title to CEO, Founder, and Father of One - welcome Remi von Magnusson to the team! 👼🍼