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Troubleshooting Connectivity

Connecting to machines can be tricky, especially from within secure, locked down environments. We've created this page to help you determine where the problem lies.

Check My Networking Tools

On your machine card, from the machine summary screen, is a button that will help you determine whether your machine is available to the outside world.

This is handy to know whether something from your organisation is causing your connectivity issues. If it shows any green ticks, it's very likely to be an internal process causing the problem. Speak with your IT Administrator to find out the cause.

If it's not working now... just wait longer!

Ronin uses Domain Name Server networking, which takes a minute or two to update across the worlds Name Servers.  Some internal IT Name Servers can take even longer, which might cause your connection to not be ready until they have updated. If you think it's taking too long to connect, speak with your IT Administrator to find out how long DNS Propagation takes within your organisation.

Change your computers DNS networking adaptor to Google's

If you can change which DNS your networking adaptor is, then you should! Google DNS Name Server's are much faster to propagate and will speed up any slow connectivity you experience with Ronin. Here's how to switch to Google's DNS