RONIN’s cloud credits program means you won’t have to worry about paying monthly invoices and can focus on your work!

Once you have secured funding for your RONIN cloud credits, we will send you one simple invoice for the nominated amount you would like to pre-purchase. Once this invoice is finalised, your approved funds will go into your cloud credit program. This means instead of receiving monthly invoices for your cloud usage, each month you will receive three documents from the RONIN team to keep track of your AWS cloud consumption.

1. A statement/invoice of the amount charged from your credit.

2. A running balance sheet of your credit.

3. A detailed billing report by RONIN Project ID (RPID) generally used for internal reconciliation. This is a daily breakdown of each RONIN project’s spending

Don’t worry, a RONIN team member will be in touch with you before your credit runs out. You can top up your credit at any time.

This means no more back and forth with the finance department each month and more time doing fun things. Say goodbye to your monthly chat with Brian from finance!