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What's New In Ronin

Tuesday, 14th May 2019

HPC Dashboard and Storage Resize tools

  • Dashboard shows HPC and Machine details
  • HPC card shows Cluster nodes running / potential max size
  • Machine card shows running / total (stopped and running)
  • Root / Non volumes can (by popular demand) be resized on create machine

Thursday, 25th April 2019


  • One click Ronin Link Integration. Click the Open with Ronin Link button on the machine in Ronin for a seamless login via the Ronin Link desktop app.
  • Two click RDP Integration. Click the Download RDP File button on the machine in Ronin and open the downloaded RDP file to launch your remote desktop tools.
  • Check my Networking Tool. All machines now have a quick way to diagnose internal DNS problems when connecting from within organisations.
  • External email users now allowed in permissions


  • Lower admin now has visibility and control over budget controls
  • Project admins can now manage users without project settings/budget access
  • Fixed Linux launch and new key tips to both point to Ronin Link

Bug fixes

  • Better mapping for all drive types.
  • Package Management - Admins can now override the root vol size, defaults, and will now validate against snapshot size to ensure enforced min size.
  • Fixed Windows "Booting OS" buffer and display issue, all works on GMT now.
  • Fixed incorrect redhat pointer in AMI import modal