What's New In Ronin

We've been busy at Ronin, check out all our new features!

What's New In Ronin

Tuesday, 7th July 2020


Windows Desktop with DCV - Secure Cloud Desktops

  • Install and Run Windows Desktops securely with Ronin Link 2.0
  • Fully encrypted, low latency, GPU / non GPU supported instance types
  • Linux based desktops coming soon!


Connect license servers with ease - it's Ronin Secure Stream!

Extra security with AWS Web Application Firewall -  Ronin Shield!

Ronin Data Lake Integration

Parallel Cluster v2.6.1 LTS now live!

  • Hyper-threading on / off switch for different workload types
  • Intel HPC Tools added (Intel Parallel Studio)
  • Connect to PowerShell / Command Prompt with new Windows integrated Xterm capabilities (Windows Server 2019)
  • Stop / Restart / Monitor CPU usage with a single click
  • Port forwarding Windows Server Applications with Custom Link

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Windows Passwords and special character combinations
  • Fix for Hyper-threading with Cluster Packages on older Parallel Cluster versions (2.4.1)
  • Fix for special scenario where DNS is pasted in
  • Global bug fix, AWS create Machine API Change

RIP Ian Holm - Off on your next adventure.

Wednesday, 18th March 2020


New Email Budget Notifications

  • Removed the old school default AWS emails for newer Ronin themed notifications
  • At a glance project information and quick navigation to your Ronin project
  • Added System Administrator to the BCC list so everyone in charge gets notified

Better Budget Tracking across Admin Screens for Accounts that have moved

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Sydney ap-southeast-2 object storage using a dash instead of a dot
  • Fixed an issue in Ronin Link Port Forwarding that caused a loading gif to spin forever
  • Fixed an issue in Ronin Link where the Performance Management wasn't installing correctly on Centos
  • Fixed an issue where AWS budgets remove historical

Tuesday, 3rd December 2019

HPC Service Catalogue! EFA Enabled Machines! People Admin Screen! Parallel Cluster v2.4.1 and loads more..


New HPC Service Catalogue
  • Administrators can now turn packaged clusters into reusable organisation services!
  • Deleting service catalogue entries is now possible.
  • Deleting Packages / HPC Packages is now possible.
Upgraded to Parallel Cluster v2.4.1
  • Changes, fixes and updates on their Github page.
  • Versioning of Parallel Clusters has been added to clusters.
  • Backwards compatibility for previous clusters and cluster packages included.
  • An upgrade cluster button is coming in a future release :)
Elastic Fabric Adapter is now enabled for certain machine types!
  • Search 'efa' from the machine type page to see which machines are supported.
  • Loads more machine types have been released! Remember to check this page regularly!
New People Admin Screen
  • Manage your active users, see licence details and remove user project access.


  • S3 Restore + SSL Only policy for enhanced security - All buckets created from this day forth will have glacier restore and SSL only policies
  • New Tag Enforcer for more reliable tagging of Cluster Compute Volumes
  • Upgraded RDS Database SSL certs to rds-ca-2019
  • Adding CSV Export buttons to loads of tables
  • Okta integration for ADFS authentication

Bug Fixes

  • Prevent users entering decimals on cluster create screen, extra validation on storage fields
  • Fixing an issue where NFS mounting wasn't working reliably on cluster packages
  • Loads of User Interface improvements and enhancements
  • Fix for Lower admin when creating a project throwing an error
  • Package images weren't showing on HPC Cards

Monday, 8th July 2019

Cluster Packaging! Spack integration! So much more!


Ronin now supports HPC Cluster Packaging
  • Bundle up all your configured software and share it within your Project!
  • Clusters now launch with dedicated /apps and /shared directories.
  • Use /apps for installed software and /shared for shared resources or data

Integration of Spack - an open source cluster package manager

  • Spack has close to 4000 HPC packages and handles all dependencies.
  • Spack is configured to install into the /apps directory out of the box
  • All compute nodes will have access to spack installed binaries

Create machine now has a copy to clipboard ssh command feature

  • Also available at the key creation screen on single and cluster machines

Password Reset

  • Now anyone can automatically reset their password.
  • This won't reset two step authentication (upcoming release)

Cyberduck connection profile

  • A file that, when opened, will prepopulate some of the fields in Cyberduck, so you don't have to!


Parallel Cluster upgraded to 2.3.1

  • Fixes and features
  • On packaged clusters, shared and apps directories cannot go below original size

Bug Fixes

  • Adding a picture to your cluster packages now works
  • AWS Cluster root volumes no longer incorrectly show as non root
  • Can no longer package a stopped cluster throwing an error
  • Clusters with storage kept after termination are now being tagged correctly

Tuesday, 14th May 2019

HPC Dashboard and Storage Resize tools

Features / Changes

  • Dashboard shows HPC and Machine details
  • HPC card shows Cluster nodes running / potential max size
  • Machine card shows running / total (stopped and running)
  • Root / Non Root volumes can (by popular demand) be resized on the create single machine screen

Thursday, 25th April 2019


  • One click Ronin Link Integration. Click the Open with Ronin Link button on the machine in Ronin for a seamless login via the Ronin Link desktop app.
  • Two click RDP Integration. Click the Download RDP File button on the machine in Ronin and open the downloaded RDP file to launch your remote desktop tools.
  • Check my Networking Tool. All machines now have a quick way to diagnose internal DNS problems when connecting from within organisations.
  • External email users now allowed in permissions


  • Lower admin now has visibility and control over budget controls
  • Project admins can now manage users without project settings/budget access
  • Fixed Linux launch and new key tips to both point to Ronin Link

Bug fixes

  • Better mapping for all drive types.
  • Package Management - Admins can now override the root vol size, defaults, and will now validate against snapshot size to ensure enforced min size.
  • Fixed Windows "Booting OS" buffer and display issue, all works on GMT now.
  • Fixed incorrect redhat pointer in AMI import modal